Friday, April 14, 2006

Torchlight Procession

Apparently a bunch of people calling themselves a 'flashlight mob' are descending on Margate on Easter Monday.

They'll be meeting at Yates's Wine Bar at 3pm and waving their torches around, which is utterly ridiculous as it doesn't even get dark these days until early evening.


sfdretywu said...

Less light at night, urinators delight!


Nethercourt said...

The lightening of the darkness that is Margate can only be commended.....

Peter said...

I'm the flash mob co-ordinator.
Firstly, thanks for the publicity
secondly, flash mobbing is about random acts carried out by a group of people at a set venue at a set time for a set amount of time.
Nothing to do with torches or Michael Caine!
Easiest way to find out...join in!


sfdretywu said...

Sounds a bit rigid to me. Flashy, fleshy but rigid.
Anyone for tennis?

Anonymous said...

This Margate flash mob is clearly more the Dennis Waterman type! Glad Peter's put the record straight!