Friday, April 14, 2006

Kentish Sales

Skimming through my free edition of Kent County Council's Around Kent magazine, opposite a photograph of that ruddy-faced man who's going to build the Anthea Turner Centre, I notice an advert for 'Kent Merchandise'.

It informs me that you can order all sorts of gifts from KCC, including baseball hats, paperweights and whisky glasses. Among the items on offer are car stickers bearing the slogan: 'My Other County's Essex'.


sfdretywu said...

Constant County Continuity is what's called for, I think, on this occasion (again, assuming that K is a constant( or constant is a K)).
Went to my first, ever, exponential Ale festival today.
Again, I reita..itor..irritate.. er, say, one should not drink and blog (outside of a public meeting place).


Eastcliff Richard said...

I took a look at the Ale Festival, Ram Skate, but the view from the outside of a long line of people queing for the rudimentary Portaloos put me off going in.

Next year I think I'll organise a wine tasting here on the East Cliff for those of us with more delicate sensitivities.

sfdretywu said...
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sfdretywu said...

I wish it every success.
I favour red wine myself so maybe my sensitivities are mildly robust after all, and women full of white wine, generally, scare the crap out of me.

Make sure you order lots!