Monday, April 10, 2006

Richard Rogers Roger's Richard Rogers Dodge

Roger de Courcey calls, he's in one of his animated states.

"I'm exhibiting the plans for the new ice cream kiosk in Folkestone this evening, but Sir Norm can't make it. What am I going to do? It'll be like Hamlet without the eggs."

"Calm down, Roger," I reply. "It's simple. Just hire yourself another starchitect for the evening. They're two a penny these days. I hear that even that bloody awful Noel got Daniel Libeskind to knock him up a garden shed down in Teignmouth last year."

This seems to have an immediate effect, and the last I hear is him barking orders to Nookie to find a number for Richard Rogers. Little does he know that Lord RR has already taken the Herne Bay toilet block gig. Still, I think I'll let him find that out for himself.

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Lucy Mail said...

Million Buck Rogers is going to be in Hernia Bay?
I may have to pop along for that, as he still owes me a fiver from our last, erm, poker night.
Oddly enough, we were in Whitestubble at the time. Just up the road. The cheek of him!

I've found that it's best not to get too tangled up with non payers!