Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Barker's Nest Down The Drain

Bad news. Barker's Nest will not be going ahead.

I know you're all going to be disappointed, and so am I, but Heston could not guarantee daily deliveries of his new compote of freeze dried snail's liver, and without that, I'm afraid, we're sunk.

Perhaps it was a tad ambitious for Ramsgate Harbour anyway. After all, when you can get saithe and chips for £1.25 at Peter's Fish Factory, the demand for char-grilled giraffe bogies is, in all likelihood, going to be limited to only the Bentley and Sunseeker set, and they can be awfully fickle.

Perhaps I should put in a bid for Ronnie Corbett's kiosk instead, he seemed to be doing a roaring trade over the Easter break.

1 comment:

Nethercourt said...

Tragedy!! And me saving up for a 'B' too!

Oh well.... 'B' for Berlingo and I'll console meself with pickin' me 'nest's' up as I go.