Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sleepless Night

Not many millionaires slept easily in their beds here on the East Cliff last night, I can tell you. This one certainly didn't.

Two points arise from yesterday's shock news that the entire cliff is about crumble into the sea:

1. Let's not hoist anything bigger than the tiny Union Jack that is currently flying from the new, multi-storey flag pole opposite Wellington Crescent. It might only exacerbate the situation.

2. Now's the time for the local council's Leisure Department, who are apparently in charge of resolving this dire emergency, to really go to town, and put on an entertaining variety spectacular to take everyone's mind off the impending disaster. What we need is something that brings out the spirit of the Blitz, Dame Vera, that type of thing. For a small fee I might even be persuaded to compere it, although I would be requiring the travel expenses from my new home in Folkestone, which is where I'm moving to this morning.


Anonymous said...

I do hope you will continue with your
Blog, as I find it very humerous.
I'm sure Folkestone will supply you with plenty of material.
Richard Attenborough(not really anon)

Lucy Mail said...

Although it's not been heavily advertised, there is a punk rock concert laid on for the bandstand next weekend.
It's quite a wonderful sensation, being part of a two thousand strong audience, all doing the pogo.
Looking forward to it.

Eastcliff Richard said...

There must be an East Cliff in Folkestone desperate for some inward investment from your average, larger than life millionaire entertainer.

As for punks doing tie pogo over by the bandstand, let's hope they bring their parachutes!

Nethercourt said...

Why do the words 'Rat' and 'Sinking Ship' leap to mind?

I'd have thought the prospect of a beachfront apartment would have appealed.....

willie wombat said...

What's the matter with all of you? Your cliffs are falling down around you, and all you can do is bloody bloody talk talk!
It's time you got out there and built some mighty sandcastles, while you still can.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Nethercourt, you're a genius! I hadn't really thought of it like that. I suppose if my cliff top mansion survived the drop, I would indeed end up with a beachfront apartment!

Although, hang on, aren't they about to build beachfront apartments on that spot anyway?

As for Willie Wombat all I've got to say is look what happened to your cliffs down there in Victoria. Have you seen the Twelve Apostles recently?

willie wombat said...

Twelve? At last count there were just nine. Rumour has it that the missing three were last seen on the roofrack of a four-wheel drive heading up the Calder Freeway to who knows where?
But if they found their way to EastCliff, the Folkestone option is starting to look good.

Stu Dent said...

I only counted seven apostles when I went there. I think a couple must have 'done an East Cliff'.

sfdretywu said...

There is, indeed, an East Cliff in Folkestone, as well, I'm sure, most know!
You have to pass under a low bridge to get to it (none of that lorry nonsense, as in Capel-le-Ferne). And to the rear end, bottom of it, another bridge.

It boasts :-

An old cobbled street leading to it.

Folkestones only bit of sandy beach.

A good ale pub (though a bit smelly), oddly named 'The Eastcliff Tavern'.

Very low cliffs (slopes).

A housing estate.

Surely this has to be a better place to live than Ramsgate!