Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jim Beams

I've just had a very nice email from that lovely Jim Scott, the lightning Lighting Engineer from Kent County Council. If you remember, 'Scottie' and his band of Frenchie engineers from EDF installed the new/old lights on Victoria Parade, and removed the old old ones at warp speed over the Easter break.

"Ye cann'a change the laws of physics," Scottie quips, after a colleague put him in the picture about my humble jottings here on the East Cliff. But I beg to differ. Jim and his team sorted out the situation at, well, light speed!

So as a special 'thankyou', I've invited him and his bag of glowing dilithium crystals over to my cliff top mansion for a few glasses of Romulan Ale. And I suppose I'd better also put on a couple of garlic baguettes and a bottle of Pernod for the Frenchies.


Eastcliff Richard said...

If you'd like to email me about street lights, Hairagami, dead presidents, TBA Noel, or just the sheer awfulness of being British, do drop me a line at:

Lucy Mail said...

Good Lord!
What COULD be wrong with being British other than THAT attitude?
That, and arranging secret meetings at yahoo.
Blogging 'eck!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Apologies. I meant no slur on our great nation (especially with the Birthday Honours coming up), and in the interests of evenhandedness would like to extend that previous remark to include people of all origins.

Lucy Mail said...

That's much better, encourage the whole World to moan about being British!
Not that they seem to need the encouragement much, these days.