Friday, April 28, 2006

Dumpton Crap

Q: How many street cleaners does it take to clean a street?
A: One, but he actually has to clean the street.

So there'll be no chance of the assorted detritus along the grassy prom down by Dumpton Gap being removed this side of Christmas.

Despite his brand new uniform, shiny new litter picker and sparkly new cart, the cleaner was meandering along, staring out to sea, texting on his mobile, gaily sauntering past the coathangers, old hats and paper cups spiked on railings, not to mention the umpteen abandoned Netto gnomes.

Still, it's a lovely day for it, and I'm sure any visiting millionaires over the bank holiday weekend won't mind too much when they discover a foot's been speared by one of the little people's tiny fishing rods.


sfdretywu said...

It does get dark along there at night. Could be that Netto are offering a service, too difficult to refuse.
It is, after all, nice to have a good gnome to go to (or at).
You didn't touch any of them, did you?

Eastcliff Richard said...

No, I didn't dare. They said they were from the Gnome Office, staking out some illegal leprachauns.

Lucy Mail said...

And, no doubt, taking the piskie, at the same time.
I'll bet the didn't bother with their elfin safety checks, either.