Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Deal Or Noel Deal 10

There, that should do it!


sfdretywu said...

Unless Google has over-anxious spam filtering.
This may explain why, sometimes, when I'm talking to someone, they'll clap their hands over their ears and shout "LALALALALALALALA"!?
I always thought it was because I seem to attract nutters.


Oh, I'm sure it'll work.

sfdretywu said...

Still in sixth.
From this, could we work out, A) That the site is updated slowly, B) If it's updated on a different criteria or C) Neither of the aforementioned because both apply?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I think Google's searchbots take a while to crawl over the internet. Why don't we ask that nice Dr Moores? I bet he'll know.

Any thoughts, Dr M?

noel said...

You're a moron, Eastcliff. Grow up. Get a life. Get your own game show. What happened to Hairagami, eh? How long did that last, you loser?

If you think you're ever going to set foot in my Crinkley Bottom again, dream on sunshine.

noel said...

Sorry luvs, this might be better, how about:

"If you think I'm ever going to entertain you in my Crinkley Bottom again, dream on sunshine"?

Or is that a bit risqué?