Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cone Head

Just back from looking around Roger's new ice cream kiosk in Folkestone, and I must admit, it's pretty impressive. Quite why it needs a 14 storey atrium, I'm not sure, but then that's Sir Norm for you.

I think we prefer it a little less ostentatious over here on Ramsgate's East Cliff. Our own beautifully restored kiosk is of Ronnie Corbett proportions. Which is why I'm puzzled by the 400 foot mast that's been erected just along from the bandstand (as spotted by some of my more observant readers). Far from being a mere flag pole, it's more like something that's been salvaged from a tall ship, and gives the impression that the whole of Wellington Crescent is about to set sail for tropical climes.

Perhaps the council has taken a dislike to my jottings, and has laid secret plans to sail the entire locality off to France.

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