Saturday, April 08, 2006

An Embarrassment Of Richards

Oh dear, how frightfully Barrymore of me. I do hope this doesn't make the front page of next week's Gazunder.

To put the story straight, I'd invited Elton round for a glass or two of Krug, and he'd asked me what I'd been up to recently. I mentioned the Hairagami gig, and he demanded a demonstration. I'd completely forgotten that I was still wearing the hairband (with natural colour swatch) when I wandered over to the sink to fill the kettle for a cup of Earl Grey. The waste disposal must have been on the automatic setting. Et voila.

Elton dialled 999, of course, but then panicked about the possible adverse publicity, and hightailed it in his Lambo before the ambulance arrived.

The whole sorry episode highlights how easily these tragic incidents can happen in the home. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, almost 30,000 people in the UK were involved in unspecified injuries to the head whilst performing unspecified activities in the home in 2002. I think those figures speak for themselves.


sfdretywu said...

Having been the recipient of numerous head injuries in my own and other peoples homes, I can vouch for what you are saying.
Only last night I managed to injure my head, yet again.
The evening started off, seemingly, quite innocently with a few tins of special brew and ended with me waking up on the lounge floor this morning with a very sore head indeed!
For the life of me, I couldn't determine what I'd banged my head against, however, the telly and video (for some inexplicable reason) were soaking wet and giving off a peculiar ammonia fragrence.
Also, the cats seem to be keeping their distance this morning and one of them appears to be limping slightly.
The damned things have cost me an arm and a leg in vet bills. I do wonder sometimes why I keep them.
Bit of company, I suppose!


Eastcliff Richard said...

There, you see, it's easily done, it could have happened to anyone.

Lucy Mail said...

You don't suppose that while trying to freshen you up with floor cleaner, your cats mistakingly did the telly and video instead?
I have heard that they get a little confused with cleaning duties.
How often do you see them employed in the catering services?

The alternative is a little too horrid to contemplate but may suggest that you ease up on the Carlsburg (probably)!