Sunday, April 09, 2006

Easter Highlights

As a service to my many readers, I have pulled together a list of some of the various shows and attractions you can enjoy around the Ile de Thanet during the Easter break.

RAMSGATE - being 'The Millionaires' Playground', and therefore the jewel in the Thanet crown, the party never stops, and this year is no exception. Enjoy a pint or two and a curry at the inaugural Planet Thanet Ale Festival on Ramsgate's not-so-trendy West Cliff. Chew the social cud with people who'll talk you through the difference between a drop of Nadgers Old Jockstrap and the rather fine Tossingtons 'Wibbly-Wobbly' India Pale Ale. Later you can hunt skate board eggs on the Main Sands, collapse paralytic, and wake up to find BMX bikers using your freshly graffitied buttocks as a ramp.

MARGATE - often described as 'The Arsonists' Playground', Margate is fun for all the family. As well as One-Eyed Pete's Big Wheelie on the seafront (Health and Safety Certificate pending), you can enjoy the thrill of dodging fat bastards on mini motos, and finding a bra for £1.99 at Primark. The Margate Windows Gardens are offering sophisticated comedy from Jim Davidson and Roy Chubby Brown, while on the way home you can savour fine dining with a warm whole brie and a giant apple pie for two at the Premier Travel Inn next to the station.

BROADSTAIRS - often described as 'The Victorian Trainspotters' Playground', Broadstairs is an eclectic mix of people in Victorian bathing costumes playing with Charles Dickens's original train set whilst performing 'Gaudete, Christus Est Natus' on Peruvian nose flutes. This year the Easter treats on offer include a giant train set (as once played with by C. Dickens Esq) in the Perriermont Hall. Follow that with a walk to Bleak House, recently renamed Bling House by the witty locals after it was purchased by a jewellery magnate.


DrMoores said...

Can you drop me an email please oh great one.. I've got an idea for you! TX or just give me a call..I'm easy enough to find.

Simon Moores

sfdretywu said...

The best things in life are always easy enough to find, aren't they?

Quality products (often bad).

Enormous payouts from some poor sod who got the blame for YOUR stupidity.

Satisfaction at not letting that twat get in front of you at the roundabout.

Watching telly.

I'm sure they all have a price tag though!


Eastcliff Richard said...

Dear All,

Re Dr M's inquiry above, you can email me with your comments and suggestions, or inquiries about Hairagami, on:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lucy Mail said...

You're opening a private clinic?
Seems like the millionaire way to go.
Hope you are going to carry on your NHS service too, as quite a few of us are on minimum wage.
I might add that a lot of people don't earn that much money, either!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Re Lucy's comment above, I will, of course, be continuing with the standard Eastcliff Richard blog on this site.

However, Eastcliff Richard Plus is now available for only £19.99 a month on Sky Channel 959, with Eastcliff Richard Premiere Gold coming soon on Sir Richard Branston's new NTL/Virgin 3G mobile service (premium rates apply).

Lucy Mail said...

I don't see how you can fail to make enough money to buy, the soon to be renamed, Album House, yourself.