Thursday, April 13, 2006

Time Team Comes To Ramsgate

Channel 4 have announced that their popular archaeology show Time Team is to be filmed on Ramsgate's trendy East Cliff over the Easter weekend.

Tony Robinson and his gang of hairy, beer swilling professors are expected to descend on the area in search of a long lost tribe known only by their initials, EDF.

"The EDF were an interesting bunch," says Mick Beard, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Bristol. "They originally came from France, and spent a lot of time digging holes for no apparent reason. Apart from that, not much more is known about them."

And he jokes: "In many ways, they were a bit like Time Team. Except for the thing about coming from France."

Already 16 trenches have been dug in preparation for the filming of the programme. Channel 4 assured local residents that once filming was complete, the trenches would be backfilled with small children, the elderly, and anybody else who happens to fall in.


Mr Friday said...

I think this is a dastardly plot by TDC to charge us double Council Tax from next year to balance their books.

They will point to the fact that we get double the expected level of service. I am becoming quite fond of the double street light outside my door.

Shame neither of them are working really.

Anonymous said...

With 16 trenches
It may not be Time Team but a reconstruction of the Battle of Mons "Any way it will be all over by Christmas"

sandy beach said...

Just explain where Ramsgate is again, please?

sfdretywu said...

An agenda, is, perhaps, called for?
I think we can work one out!

er... tomorrow.


tony robinson said...

This is all lies.