Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Count Dracula

Holy Moses!

I've just discovered that my MP here in Folkestone is none other than Nosferatu, that rather menacing fellow who used to lead the Conservative Party. If anything's going to give me a sleepless night, it's knowing that he's creeping around the town in his black cape and false teeth. Give me Sandy Beach any day.

I'm coming back to Ramsgate as soon as Pickfords can arrange to send round their lorries. It's either that or get EDF to send over a ton of their best garlic.

See you in Ramsgate!

1 comment:

sfdretywu said...

All sounds like an excuse for a long weekend away, to me!
Glad to hear that you remained a 'sun rises', rather than a 'sun sets' sort of person, even during your holidays.