Monday, April 24, 2006


Flaming Nora, this railings thing is much more serious than I thought. Our superhero local councillor Dave Green has discovered that most of the East Cliff is about to crumble into the sea.

This is going to require more than a hard hat, and I doubt even Councillor Green has the superhuman powers to hold up an entire cliff on his own. I'm right now stuffing all my valuables into several articulated lorries and running for my life.


sfdretywu said...

No need to panic!
The cliff collapse will, no doubt, be very carefully engineered to enhance the amount of work undertaken by 'local' firms, in correcting this matter.
I'm sure that casualties will be kept to a very low order. We may experience some electrical difficulties again. Not to worry.
There's not likely to be the firestorms of previous 'undercliff' disasters, so no need to rush out in your pyjamas.
Small likelyhood, indeed, of blogsites being renamed 'eCliffRichard'.

bastard carrot said...

Are you a civil engineer?
I think you're talking out of your botty, mate.
When that cliff goes, it's gonna take out Thanets only cliff lift (except Broadstairs).
I'll be out in any kind of weather to make sure that doesn't happen.
Will you?

I don't bloody think so!