Saturday, April 15, 2006

Beer Today, Gone Tomorrow

I thought I'd have another toddle over to the Ale Festival, over on Ramsgate's not-so-trendy West Cliff, just to see if the crowds had died down. But when I got there everyone had packed up and gone home. The entire stock had been glugged, and all that remained were some Morris Men lying flat on their backs, waving their jangly legs in the air.

So I've had to make do with slumping in my cliff top mansion, flicking between two episodes of the Rockford Files being presented to us simultaneously by BBC2 and ITV1 this afternoon. Maybe I should get Sky after all.

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Lucy Mail said...

Having a rapport with some of the 'actual' organizers of this event, I'll bet they're going to be dead chuffed to find out that it was all arranged by IOTA, rather than themselves, as claimed on their rather dodgy looking blog site.
Anyhow, Cheers to Thanet CAMRA and thanks guys, I thoroughly enjoyed the event that you laid on for us!
Cheers IOTA for your marvelously creative account of how the event came about. To be expected by arty types, I suppose.