Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seal Of Approval

A stroll along the prom confirms the terrific progress that's been made today by Chief Engineer Scotty and his band of post operatives, although it's too soon to tell whether the new lights will, in fact, light. Fingers crossed.

One pit bull was so intent on giving the new lamp posts its 'seal of approval', that its owner was threatening to withdraw its bacon butty allowance if it didn't hurry up and get back in the car.


DrMoores said...

Has any milionaire lost a dog.. if so, it's turned up on Thanet Life?

hannibal lecter said...

I ate it with some chianti, it tasted like chicken.

sfdretywu said...

European Decorating Fanatics?
Exsitential Darwinian Factionaries?


I like EF'D

Which ever way you look at it, you'll be 'one of those' (but not like Mr Humphries from 'are you being served').


Mr Friday said...

Just been running along Eastcliff and they are working on said lights as we speak.....