Wednesday, April 12, 2006

D-Day + 1

No sign yet of the lamp post operatives this morning, but I'm pleased to report that all the new posts survived the night. Unfortunately, so did all the old ones.

Angela's popping down from Barnes later to view a couple of seafront Georgians. After that we're planning take a look around Canterbury, apparently there's a divine shoe shop there that she just has to check out.


Lucy Mail said...

Ah yes, I remember Canterbury when it was the shoe shop capital of the South East. Around 1980, as I recall.
Being a shoe shop capital does seems to lend an air of quirkyness to a City. It did seem to me, at the time, that Canterbury had more than its fair share of people with their right leg missing.
I'd always assumed that this was due to the enormous selection of shoes available, essentially, for free.
On reflection though, they could've just been messed up by the ring road, eventually deciding that it was too damned difficult to leave.
A bit like a monopedal version of Royson Vasey, perhaps?

sfdretywu said...

Remember the odd hobbled street, myself.
Gosh, that place is steeped in history!


Anonymous said...

Ricemans anyone?

postman patel said...

Effing bloody Talk Talk on the effing bloody phone again that Tracey woman bloody effing.

Lucy Mail said...

As a child, I had hours of fun playing in the lifts and on the escalators, at Ricemans.
Then I'd pop across the road to the multi-storey car park, bags laden with soft fruit and wing my way to the roof for a good tossing off session.

Halcyon days! (sigh)

Eastcliff Richard said...

Lucy, really, you're beginning to sound like Ram Skate now.

Lucy Mail said...

Really? Not sure whether to be flattered or not, by that?!
He seems a bit off his trolley but does make me chuckle.
Maybe a third perspective is required?
I don't doubt that we'll get it!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well he does ramble a bit, old Ram Skate, but somehow he seems very representative of my constituency.

sfdretywu said...