Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beau Diddley

Cripes! Look what's just plopped into my box! A letter from Dr Beau Webber, Roger Gale's Manston mouthpiece, to the new majority owners of the former airport!

Dr Beau is, er, far from congratulatory. In fact, if you ask me, his tone is slightly menacing. But that's just what you'd expect from a campaign that hasn't exactly held back from using personal threats by its henchmen against anyone who dares to utter an alternative view.

Anyhoo, take a gander and make up your own mind (click on the pics to big 'em). I couldn't possibly comment, considering the restraining order I'm under... but I'm sure you lot will! Pip pip!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Downed For A Pound (Again)

Or perhaps quite a few more pounds now, as the breaking news is that Annie Get Your Gloags has offloaded her 700 acres of prime development land at Manston, which she bought for a quid last year, to the people behind Discovery Park, the former Pfizer site. BBC News reports:

Trevor Cartner and Chris Musgrave, who are part of the consortium behind Discovery Park, Sandwich, have bought a majority stake for an undisclosed fee.

The partnership plans a 20-year, £1bn redevelopment of Manston, which it said would create more than 4,000 jobs.

I guess this won't stop Sir Roger Wind and his cohorts guffing on about a CPO to reinstate the airport, but to be honest I'm not sure it would come back to life now if you put 4m volts through it.

Personally I was always in favour of an airport on my doorstep from which I could be whisked off to Cannes at a moment's notice, but the sad truth is that it wouldn't have survived even with night flights, training flights, and knackered old cargo jumbos flying over 24/7, all of which were unacceptable to the majority of residents here in the old Millionaires' Playground. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have your own views, so do make them known by popping a comment in the suggestions box below. Pip pip!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jocks Away, Ginge!

Apols for the prolonged hiatus/lacuna/interregnum, but I've been north of the border campaigning for the 'Yes' camp. Hopefully all the hard work will come to fruitation when the result is announced tomorrow morning!

Actually it's given me an idea. How about starting an independence party for Fannit? After all, with a bit of, er, dredging, the Wantsum could be transformed into a half decent border once again. A shame, though, that we no longer have our own international airport, ferry port and power station. Well, shame that we don't have our own ferry port and power station. And, um, actually, I don't really miss the power station either.

Ho hum. Just a spot of blue sky thinking!!!

Update: Oh dear. Close, but no cigar. Never mind, I'm off to drown my sorrows with a dram or twelve of the good stuff. Pip pip!