Monday, April 10, 2006


I've decided that, with the rapid onset of middle age, I'm developing a bit of a roof over the tool shed. So I'm going on the Hoodia 920+ diet.

A nice man called Eisenhower D. Vesicles emailed me to tell me about this new awsomely powerful natural supplement. After trying Hoodia 920+ for a few days, Eisenhower apparently lost so much weight that he doesn't even look like the same man, and friends he hasn't seen for more than a year don't even recognise him, the change is that dramatic.

As a favour, I'm also forwarding the details to anyone who was involved in those plans to build an Anthea Turner Centre in the North Sea.


Lucy Mail said...

How confusing. I'm sure I caught a quick glimpse of an advert for a product with the same name, recently.
Though, I believe, it was for blue-tooth attachment for a Nokia.
From what I gathered, it was designed to clip onto nylon instead of the more fashionable 'ear gristle' alternative.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well Eisenhower swears by this stuff. I'm sending off for a 5 litre tub.