Tuesday, April 11, 2006

D Day!

Today's the day! Redundant street lamps are coming down all over Ramsgate's fashionable East Cliff!

Well, actually, no sign of EDF just yet, or of plucky KCC street lighting engineer Jim Scott. But a huge crowd has gathered in eager anticipation.

I'll keep you posted.


sfdretywu said...

I've often wondered why these organisations have to have such unpronounceable acronyms.
TDC is a fine example. Ironically, they share that with 'a piston, reaching the end of its travel'. Also ironically, it's something that normally happens repeatedly over short periods of time!

Maybe a renaming is in order?

Perhaps 'Council for Understanding Needs of Thanet Society.'

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

The 'T' needs to be pronounced phonetically, by which means you get something approximating: "Turdy Sea". How appropriate!

Similar reasons prevented Toyota from marketing the MR2 in France.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Scotty's going to beam the old lamps up.

Anonacronymonious said...

Thanet Institute for Technical Services?

sfdretywu said...

Didn't stop Ford from bestowing us with a square Ka. Mathematically, Ka² could be represented as KaKa.
Then they dumped a cubed Ka³ upon us, perhaps emulating the noise they make when starting in the morning?
Never mind, they'll be running out of useful dimensions soon enough!