Thursday, April 27, 2006

Eddie, Steady, Go!

I'm catching up with all the gossip here on the Ile de Thanet after returning from my brief sojourn at Nookie's Nest in Folkestone.

There currently appears to be a squalid tussle taking place on the shabby north side of the Ile, where the local MP Sir Roger Wind has been in the papers over something his secretary has done.

Personally I don't understand the ins and outs, and would rather steer clear of such tittle-tattle, but James Bond is promising to publish the true story tomorrow, and the editor of the Gazunder will apparently be going head to head with Sir Rodge on BBC Radio Kent.

Everyone in The Arsonists' Playground is waiting with bated, and no doubt rather rancid, breath.

Here in the calmer climes of the mediterranean style south side, we tend not to go in for such grubby stuff. The biggest news round here is that our local brewmeister Eddie Gadd is setting up in larger premises on the outskirts of town.

The affable Eddie, known to his friends as The Gaddfather Of Ale, currently brews his beer at the Belgian Bar on the harbour. I have to admit to slumming it there occasionally, and even enjoying the odd drop of Gadd's No. 5, although Krug is really more my tipple.

Anyway, good luck to Eddie, who's well on his way to becoming a brewing magnate, and thereby adding another millionaire to Ramsgate's ever-growing list!


sfdretywu said...

I wish that I had your confidence. As far as I can tell, lovely fellow that he is, as is acclaimed, from more than one source, not wanting to name names, but there it is, basically, he's stabbing his partner in the back.
How rich is that?
In my book, you couldn't be much poorer if you starved to death.
Having said that, and having met his partner in grime on a couple of occasions, I can see, perhaps, why he wanted to go his own way.
Or maybe he could be rich without having enough money to make a thousand people poor?
Tough call!
May have to go to arbitration.
Dr. Moores (or lesses)?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'd be careful before you go casting nasturtiums, Ram Skate old chap.

In my experience there's always two sides to every story when it comes to big business bust-ups, if that's what you're saying this is.

But perhaps you're right, maybe we should put it to Dr Moores for arbitration. I'm sure he'll have an electronic arbitration gadget in his super spy kit!