Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Aerial View

The move went fairly well, although a couple of Ming vases were smashed. The removals man reassured me that it was nothing compared to what he did in Cambridge earlier this year. Anyhow, I'm now reinstalled in my soon-to-be-beachfront mansion on Ramsgate's crumbling East Cliff.

It's amazing what changes a couple of days away have brought. Most significant is the installation of gargantuan TV aerial masts on a number of properties in the vicinity.

But then it's only to be expected as nothing smaller than the Eiffel Tower would support the weight of your average seagull around here these days.


Anonymous said...

Those enourmous TV masts are the result of our TDC taking us into the digital era, which incidently has been pushed to 2012 for the Meridian region! These installations have used standard gauge Aluminium masts left at their 'default' 16' length, obviously the so called engineers wernt equipped with hacksaws to cut the masts to suit? You wait til we get any Planet Fanet blows, they WILL come tumbling, and WE will pay for them to go back up again.



square eyes said...

They're also very intrusive on some of the older properties. Not only that, they seem to be connected to a hideous beige box on the wall the size of a small refrigerator. Surely they're not allowed on listed buildings or buildings in or near conservation areas are they?