Saturday, April 22, 2006

Honour Off

I must have been mad, standing outside the Granville all day yesterday, waving my tiny flag. What was I thinking? The Queen coming to Ramsgate? To bestow an honour upon its most eminent citizen (me)? On her birthday?

It's obvious now. She must be coming on her official birthday in June. It's better, really, because at least it gives me a chance to get fitted for a proper garter.


Lucy Mail said...

I did wander past, myself, yesterday (a neat trick, if you can do it). Got quite excited when I saw a bunch of black suits standing on the steps.
They seemed a bit too cheerful for a funeral party.
This is it, I thought, and ran home to get a box of eggs and some tomatoes.
But she never showed!
Her loss. I do cook a mean 'full English'.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I do hope you weren't proposing to conduct some kind of awful republican protest with your eggs and tomatoes, Lucy. I see republicanism is currently all the rage over on Thanet Life. Give me a knighthood any day!

sir richard branston said...

I've just been given the feckin order of the bath.

My social worker's ordered me to have a feckin bath.

Lucy Mail said...

I'm hardly the sort to be throwing eggs and tomatoes at an 80 year old monarch!
I just thought, as she's looking a bit thin these days, that I'd treat her to a slap-up grill.
Anyhow, must get off to a friends house now, as he's promised to teach me a new game called 'Peccatum Sodomiticum'.
Sounds awfully complicated!