Friday, April 28, 2006

The Eastcliffy Code

SoMe of you mAy have been Reading about how the judGe in the Da Vinci Code cAse included a secret code of his own in his 71 page wriTten judgemEnt.

The crazy adjudicator now sayS his effort was aimed at pUblicising some old admiral who onCe built a couple of boats.

Personally I think the whole thing is a bit childish. It's certainly not the Kind of thing you'd catch me indulging mySelf in.


sfdretywu said...

All resource drains, do.
Ironic that the actual drains in Margate chuck-up, I suppose.

Eastcliff Richard said...

You've cracked It! I knew that with your eye for acronyms it wouldn't take long!

sfdretywu said...

Well I had to have tea, too.

Anonymous said...

why, that felt like i recieved a subliminal message after reading that post.... can't be sure what it is, though i do now have a strong desire to avoid the arsonist's playground. how strange.

Lucy Mail said...

Margerets socks?
That makes about as much sense as that silly Dan Brown book.
Give me a good Mills and Boone, any day!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is,6 2 20 21 4 13 7 7 6 10 20 8 6 21 21 10 15 8 21 16 16 7 23 13 13 16 7 10 21 20 6 13 7 and the north side rules ok.

sfdretywu said...

I do feel that you need to brush up on your social geography anonymous.
In just about every example of a north/south divide, worldwide, the south comes out in the driving seat and the north invariably has to rifle through bin bags for their lunch.
If you've never been to Yorkshire, I'll wager that you've, at least, visited Calais.
I suppose that Spain would be an exception in this case by being crap from top to bottom, but hey, at least we've found something that makes them noteworthy!

Anonymous said...

21,9,2,21 - 2 - 13,16,2,5 - 16,7 - 4,16,5,20,24,2,13,13,16,17 Anon of 8:09! Ramskate raider is spot on and eastcliffe is best place to be.