Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Writing's On The Wall

Lord luvva-bleeding-duck!!!!! I go away for a mere year or two, and return to find that our beautiful Great Wall of Ramsgate has been whitewashed by some numpty with a roller and a pot of Wilko's finest! Priceless works of art ruined in less time than it takes to jackhammer a Banksy off the side of Poundland. Grrrrr! And harrumph!

Of course, this being the Ile de Thanet, the most important thing now is to find a politician to blame. My personal preference would be to crucify the duffers who allowed a bunch of faux developers get their grubby mitts on the Pleasurama site in the first place. Once they've been dealt with, we can move on to tarring and feathering the twit with the paint pot, finally reserving the full Edward II treatment for the feeble-minded who think that selling the freehold for the site to SFP is going to lead to any result other than rows of concrete sticks eyesoring our lovely seafront until we're all long dead and buried. Kuh!

Click here for more photos of the desecration on our local Bibliobloke's blog.