Thursday, April 13, 2006

Getaway Under Way

The Great Easter Getaway is under way with literally millions of people expected to flock to Thanet's holiday hotspots in the next 24 hours.

Here in Ramsgate we're anticipating the rush. Eddie down the Belgian Bar has added an extra chair to his outdoor setting, and the shop that sells beach accoutrements has put out a new display of giant balls.


Mr Friday said...

I did hear that Primark had cancelled all "non-emergency" leave to cope with the mass of expected customers.

nick r. e. lastic said...

Talking of Primark, I hear their knickers are going to be coming down.

sfdretywu said...

Primark shmimark!
Their knickers will only come down if vaginas do so at the same rate.
I don't believe it will result in a cock up on their behalf.


Eastcliff Richard said...

Yet again you are the very embodiment of the wit and wisdom of Oscar Wilde, Ram Skate.

sfdretywu said...

That's normally scorned upon, isn't it?