Friday, May 19, 2006

That Referendum Result In Full

So, now you've all safely nodded off in front of the computer, it's time to announce the result of my 'Vote For Me!' referendum.

Richard Millhouse Nixon - 1 vote
That Bald Bloke With The Permanent Suntan Who Hangs Around Outside Schools - 1 vote
Dr Roger Moore - 1 vote against (by Dr Roger Moore)
Dr Roger Moore's evil alter-ego - 1 vote against (by Dr Roger Moore) (assumed)
Nick Dorman - 1 expression of disgust (Ram Skate Raider).

There was a late entry by Kevin The Geologist, who suggested I might be Cliff Richard, but that's just ridiculous.

We therefore have a tie. However, under the recently introduced George W. Bush Rules Of Voterisation, dodgy politicians take preference over sick perverts (just), and I therefore declare Richard Millhouse Nixon the winner by a margin of minus ten votes.

By the time you wake up with your chins covered in drool, Tricky Dicky will be in charge. God Bless America.

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SkinOfStars said...

"I'm not a crook."