Monday, May 22, 2006

Fall Out

According to my site thingumejig, there's been a huge rise in visitors wishing to peep at my jottings today. Perhaps it's because it's all gone a bit Graham Norton around here of late, and people haven't been able to resist a gawp.

Still, there's no such thing as bad publicity, and with over a million visits in the bag in just under five months, and lots of stale old cages rattled, it's been quite a success. A lot of you have started blogs during that time, and some of them are pretty funny. I've especially enjoyed Scottie's toons, Nethercourt's taciturn musings, Artyblartfast's arty blasts, and Tony Flaig's cows and stuff, and that boy Dusty's showing promise too.

Keep up the good work! Be seeing you.


Lucy Mail said...

Moore's - The Pity.

My entry for the Thanet Life competition!

Not sure that I want to get dragged into this but I am a bit of a fashion hound.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes well he's transmogrified into Grumpy Old Men for today.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Cave, Lucy, Biggles is lurking.

Lucy Mail said...

Thanet Life.
A birds eye view of Thanet from a bloke.