Saturday, May 20, 2006

Lotto Trouble

Eamonn kept his wig on during the invasion of the live National Lottery draw this evening by protesters.

As did Sir Terry during the Eurovision Song Contest immediately afterwards.


Lucy Mail said...

What gives here?
Just back from a lovely holiday in Sant Joan de Labritja to find your organ littered with spam and cheek slapping a-plenty in the ranks!
Maybe things will perk up a little when summer starts here? Certainly seems to have worked for the Spaniards.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Lucy! Good to see you back. Hope your holliers were tip top, old gal!

There's been a bit of bother here on the old blog, with Dr Roger Moore complaining about something Ram Skate said. I do wish RSR would restrict himself to more moderate language than 'steaming great twat' and 'contemptuous prick'! I mean, vain ponce or useless nana would have covered it.

As a result he seems to have got the hump and has declared his intention never to scribble on my organ again.

As for the spam, I've tried to zap most of it. I'm aware of an advert for a casino site, but then they did couch it in compliment, so I've let it go. And Duck, who's a front for trichologically challenged felines, is at least witty and to the point.

Duck Baker said...

You make it sound like i'm obsessed, saying things like ' You're a man obsessed, Duck'! I most certainly am not, just curious is all.
It is an intruiging concept, is it not?
Hello Lucy. Does this subject interest you at all?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Sorry, Duck, it was merely a humourous attempt to allude to you penchant for shaven havens.

Eastcliff Richard said...

That reminds me, Angela had a Brazilian once, but found it very uncomfortable when the stubble started to grow back.

She's now reverted to the full Tasmanian, much more sensible.

Lucy Mail said...

I've often wondered if women are less hairy than men because most of their uses are indoor pursuits.
There's this deepseated compulsion to wear as little clothing as possible, even in the most inclement weather that none of us are completely immune too.
God, I hope it isn't a fat to muscle ratio thingy. That wouldn't help the cause at all, would it!