Saturday, May 20, 2006

Raider v Bond: Adjudication


Consideration of: Ram Skate Raider/Dr James Bond

For: Alleged breaches in blogging code

On: 17 May 2006


1. It is alleged that, on the above date, Mr Raider added a comment to a post entitled 'Blog Eat Blog', on the blog entitled 'Eastcliff Richard', in which he used the expressions 'steaming great twat' and 'utterly contemptuous prick'.

2. The content of the post referred to Dr Bond, and therefore, in the context, the comments would appear to have been aimed at Dr Bond.

3. Dr Bond subsequently emailed the blog's moderator, Mr Eastcliff, to the effect:

'Ramskate's comment... is a little personal and offensive don't you think?


4. Mr Eastcliff subsequently wrote a post entitled 'Nasty Complaint', in which he outlined the nature Dr Bond's objection, and asked Mr Raider to 'do the decent thing' and self moderate (i.e trash) the comment concerned. Mr Eastcliff made clear in his statement that it was not generally his policy to remove other people's comments on his blog unless they contained extreme bad taste, libel, or unnecesary vulgarity. Mr Eastcliff also made clear that he regarded public debate in the comments section of his blog as the best means of redressing any offence, unless such comments descended into 'petty bickering'.

5. Mr Raider subsequently posted a comment to the effect that he would make no further contributions to the blog.

6. No further communication has been received from Dr Bond.


It is therefore the panel's decision that:

1. All toys must be put away BEFORE bedtime.

2. The choo-choo train goes directly in the tunnel, without smearing itself over the entrance walls first.

3. Rattles should under no circumstances be thrown from the pram while it is moving.

4. The wheels on the bus go round and round.

5. Oops a daisy.

Ofblog Contents Sanction Committee
20 May 2006

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