Sunday, May 07, 2006

Caption Winner

Sorry, I forgot to announce the winner of my caption competition in all that excitement over the Baftas.

They were all pretty good, but I'm going to have to award the honours to the car crusher himself, Councillor Dave Green, whose admission that he doesn't in fact possess a particularly large hammer shows just what a terrific sport he is.

Thanks, too, to Snailspace for the lend of the 'toon'.

And apologies for the ever descending spiral of innuendo on this site today, I'm afraid I must have taken one too many Carry On pills. Normal service will be resumed in the morning.

Good night, and, as the late lamented lovely Dave Allen used to say, may your god go with you.


Anonymous said...

the cheek! that was you! how are you supposed to gain our trust with fixes like that! makes me wish noel won a bafta!

Anonymous said...

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