Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Back Home

Oh well, yet another defeat plucked from the jaws of victory. Even the security chap in the car park at Teddington reckoned they'd probably only called me back to make Noel look good.

Still, as you know, I am not one to dwell on such matters, and driving back to Thanet in the TT, it occurred to me that perhaps I should concentrate more of my talents on brightening up the local entertainment scene.

Then it struck me: An Evening With Eastcliff Richard!

I don't suppose I'd go down too well at the Winter Gardens, given that I've made one or two off-colour remarks about Margate recently, but what about Ramsgate? Surely the audiences can't still be as hostile as when The Rolling Stones played here back in the 60s, when Mick Jagger said Ramsgate was the roughest place they'd played (and that included Glasgow)? Besides, I've been encouraged by the words of one of my correspondents, who said that if I was thinking of doing a live gig, he might come along, if he had nothing else to do that night.

So it's decided. First thing in the morning l'll call that nice Brian Stout who runs the Granville.

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Nethercourt said...

Hmm... at the risk of showing my age, I was there when the stones played the Westcliff Hall....as a support band for a popular local lot. The 'Stones' were still in their infancy then and to be truthful, not too good. But to compare their reception to what they might have recieved at the legendary Glasgow Empire is a bit strong, after all, they got out alive.
The 'Jockaneese' would have given them more than a 'raspberry'!!!