Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pillock Of The Community

I say, I've woken up this morning with a terrific thirst and a thumping great headache.

Looking over the past few posts, I have absolutely no recollection of writing them. The last thing I remember was Angela popping in late on Sunday afternoon. As ever, she'd been house hunting in the area, and had brought along a bag full of home made cakes that her niece Daisybell had prepared. They were delicious, and I pigged the lot.

Oh well, the cliff's still crumbling, the lift's still not working, Madeira Falls is still dry, the multi-storey flagpole's been vandalised, and there's still a cloud of thick black smoke to the north. I even accidentally touched base with a barker's nest on my walk this morning.

Good to know that all's still wrong with the world.

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