Monday, May 08, 2006

No Life On Uranus

So I was settling down to watch TBA Noel get his comeuppance, when my mind strayed to that other bunch of useless nanas at our local council. Remember their response to my online complaint about our crumbling East Cliff?

Dear Mr Eastcliff,

Thank you for your email. I have forwarded your enquiry onto our
Leisure Department, you can expect to receive a reply within the next
ten working days


Well, ten days is up. Nada.

Oh well, at least the Baftas shouldn't disappoint. Here they come now!


sfdretywu said...

It's a bit of a biggie, that one. Maybe it's a little unfair to expect an answer within' ten days, after all, their 'experts' have only had a couple of years to mull this one over.
I suspect that they're trying to hold off any expensive reinforcement work in lieu of the polar ice caps melting and the sea level rising forty feet to cover any embarrasement.
Now that's what I call 'forward thinking'!
That flag pole could come in handy for marking off safe swimming areas on the new beach. With a few modifications, the lift could become Neptunes Explorer and who knows, we may even be able to understand it's strange dialect underwater.
There would, perhaps, be The Fountain Boating Pool and Bandstand Pedalo Hire.
Don't worry, I think they have it sussed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're hoping the developers who are going to be building the new Chernobyl-style nuclear power station on the Pleasurama site will pay for it!

Anonymous said...

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