Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hunted Down Like A Dog

Holy Macaroni! That nice geologist Kevin says in his new blog Skin Of Stars that he had a drink with The Gaddfather Of Ale today, and that all the talk is of the mystery man de nos jours, moi!

Oh cripes, I suddenly came over all French there. It's the shock.

Anyway, apparently the Thanet Times has a 50p reward on offer for the first person to dob me in. If anyone feels so inclined, I think I can safely say that, if they come to me first, I'll see the paper's 50p and double it.


sfdretywu said...

Being L'Homme Mysterique is, perhaps, the most important tool in a bloggers box, isn't it? Without it, said blogger would be compromising every missive for fear of retribution, be that in the form of adoration, contempt or dismissal.
I'd have to agree with you about keeping mum (every childs responsibility eventually) and say it's well worth a millionth of your fortune. In fact, I'll chip in the same (half of my fortune), if it helps.
So, if you could give me a name and address where I can send the money...

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yeah right, RSM!

I must say, people do seem to be preternaturally curious as to my identity. Some kind folks have even invited me out for a drink, with the promise of a free overcoat thrown in.

I'm tempted, but at heart I'm the shy, retiring type. Besides, I haven't yet installed a sprinkler system in the old cliff top mansion. Must get around to that.

sfdretywu said...

I can imagine that you've been invited out for moore drinks than an overcoat could ever protect you from.
One has to wonder whether it's your prose or your cute button nose that they're after.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Didn't you once describe our Roger as a 'steaming great twat'? That's not very friendly, is it?

sfdretywu said...

A little unfair, considering that I've only ever met the blogside of his character. Presumptuous, insofar as he may be completely different in the 'social sack'. He could be a bold and adventurous lover in that respect.
Perhaps, like our American cousins, I have reservations that I shouldn't really have.
But I will confess to having reservations about that!
I need to be moore careful, the next thing you know, the place will be full of Red Indians.

sfdretywu said...

BTW, will you be pumping me all day to get my measure?
If so, I may just have to seek solice over at Thanet Life, where they don't seem quite so curious about the wants and needs of the common man.
'Go away' is about the best I've had out of them so far.

SkinOfStars said...

50p eh??? A little detective work and I could double my own fortunes!