Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thanet Rocks

This is turning into Apology Week. I now owe those nice people at Thanet Rocks my sincerest and most humble.

I've been labouring under the misapprehension that they were the local geological society, but it turns out they are a rather cool and hip bunch of dudes, with a mission to bring us all the latest on the Ile's pulsating music vibe. Daddy-O.

I'm happy to put the record straight, especially as they've very kindly put a newsfeed link to my own humble jottings here on Ramsgate's East Cliff. Where they get the 'Oonagi' from, though, I've no idea.


Anonymous said...

Bet you feel like a bit of an old fossil now mate!

No 1 admirer x said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Snailspace said...

Your never to old to Rock.
Most fossils are Rock

sfdretywu said...

Oh dear!
Even this blogsite is not immune from censorship, I see.
It seems a bit unfair and counter to the blog principle, which, as I understand it, is all about people having their say.
When we consider that just about everyone has internet access these days, it should be expected that some comments will grate on the nerves a little.
In order to gain a complete understanding of local, national or international opinion, I think it neccesary that all voices are considered. If, occasionaly, some comment seems outrageous, banal, obnoxious or otherwise, surely it should be argued against and not just dismissed.
Are you judge, jury and executioner?
Perhaps the answer to our crumbling cliff would be for you to go there and tell it to bloodywell shut up?
Or were you just protecting us from obscene language that didn't have an asterisk obscuring one letter of the word, thus leaving open a whole dictionary of other w*rds that it could be, though we all know it doesn't?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Dear Ram Skate,

I find myself having to delete the occasional comment now, as the spam commentators have crept into the system, presumably attracted by this blog's popularity (I wish) and the frequent use of the word 'millionaire' (more likely).

I'm sure that, as most of my readers are already millionaires, they have no interest in advertisements for 'Earn an extra $500 a day by doing nothing'.

I suppose I could turn comment verification on, but I personally find it a pain in the derriere, and would rather not.

I'm happy for anyone to say anything about whatever or whoever they like here, preferably with humour, as long as it doesn't involve too many swear words. Where you find those unavoidable, the judicious use of the asterisk would be appreciated. I recall a felch and a couple of twats from you, RSM, so I think that proves my policy here is fairly liberal, unlike other blogs you could no doubt mention.

I hope you're not put off from commenting, as I find your contributions amusing and relevant for the most part, although sometimes I struggle slightly to understand the late night ones!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

apology accepted, though seeing oonagi refered to as geological news did make me chuckle. i like reading your blog, so i decided to add your feed, along with arts and elbows, to oonagi. it's good to see more locals on the net. oonagi was very lonely when it started six years ago.

anyway, i didn't become a millionaire by avoiding opportunities to earn $500 a day for nothing. every miserly penny counts when your trying to get to the top!

kevin (geologist)