Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spying A Bargain

Gently surfing the internet this afternoon, I came across a mention of Ramsgate on the MI6 website. In their feature, the super spies sing the praises of East Kent, and predict a massive rise in property prices once the new high speed rail links are in place in 2009.

"All of a sudden, places such as Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Sandwich and Deal will become not just seaside holiday destinations, but viable residential locations for working people who want to get to town and back in a day - and still have time to take the dog for a walk when they get home."

Music to my ears, of course, and, even better, no mention of those shabby locations in the north of the Ile!

1 comment:

sfdretywu said...

Not to forget free rail travel for the poor!
They can't eject the ticketless minority until they reach their destination, can they?
Maybe the high speed rail police should be equipped with tazers, mace and asps.
That'd show 'em!