Friday, May 12, 2006

Bad Mouth

I see from the trade press that Piers d'Organ is set for stardom as a judge in some new US talent show created by the sartorially challenged Simon Cowell.

Personally I've never seen eye to eye with the little gobshite. I bumped into him at my club once, and, during the pained smalltalk, asked him on what grounds he was there.

"I'm a country member," he replied.

I'm afraid that, at that point, the veneer cracked, and I responded with the rather acidic: "How could I ever forget?"


sfdretywu said...

Some people have a nose for country folk. For goodness sake don't ever tip them upside down (country folk, that is, not your nose)! The aroma is not favourable.

Anonymous said...

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Tarty Knickers said...

what an hilarious put down, you are shrewd, you realy are