Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I've just listened to our glorious local council leader Sandy Beach talking to James Bond on Thanet Life.

Sounding more like Harold Steptoe than Bela Lugosi, our Sandy predicts an invasion at Westwood Cross.

So I'm off over there now with my tin helmet and binoculars. Hopefully I can be of some help to our plucky lads, who I hear have established a forward position behind the Debenhams undies counter.


Anonymous said...

I had heard that Bela Lugosi used to do a fine Harold Steptoe impersonation. Glad to hear,though, that Sandy's is even better.

Lucy Mail said...

Ideal place to hold your briefs, I would imagine.
Should the front line be codenamed Y-front? That's where the spearhead of the attack should be. Where the real balls are huddled together in their trenches and hiding in their bushes.

Snailspace said...

No need for tin hats and shelters
Y-Fronts stop Fallout