Monday, May 22, 2006

Fresh Start

Well thank heavens it's a new week and we can put all that unsavoury twat talk behind us.

Although I'm not feeling too fresh, as it happens, having only just got back from the Beckhams' bash. David said the rumour that he was going to do the old WW II fly past thing was totally unfounded, and that he's 100% behind the FA's line that there should be no chants of 'Two World Wars And One World Cup' during the finals in Krautland.

So we had to make do with some chappie in a Cessna, tugging a banner which read 'Margate Gent's A Twit', whatever that means. What a mix-up.

Right, I'm off to do the crossword, that should get the old grey cells pinging!


Snailspace said...

Maybe the chap in the Cessna could put himself forward as a target drone for the visiting Spitfire.

Dr Russell Square said...

Curses - Snailman! My Square Neutraliser Ray (US Pat. Pending) will deal with you in one zap!!!


There, that's fried him up in a nice garlic butter!!!

Come on, Squareboy, we've got bigger fish to fry!!!!

Snailspace said...

Sacre Bleu! I am not liking ze Garlic buttair

Snailspace said...

Who the hell is Ray Blure

Eastcliff Richard said...


Eastcliff Richard said...

Oh, I think I've got it now. 'Sack Ray Blure!'

He's that drunk bloke down the council offices who does all the planning, isn't he?

Snailspace said...

Damned if I know.
I thought being drunk was the only thing that made workin for the council bearable.