Thursday, July 26, 2007

TV Or Not TV?

I've received an email from those nice people at Kent on Sunday asking me if I'd like to upload my ECR TV films onto their new TV on demand site. Here's what they say:

I am contacting you from KOS Media, the company which publishes the newspapers Kent on Sunday and Saturday Observer, and the website We are currently expanding our services to the people of Kent, with a new series of local newspapers and websites.

We are also launching a unique online TV on demand service featuring video material created by both our reporting staff and members of the community who wish to upload material. We are confident in attracting a large Kent-based audience to our new sites, and we are keen to share the material you have posted on YouTube with our viewers.

We are writing to ask your permission to upload your Thanet films onto our site, and to share it with the hundreds of thousands of people who are regular readers of our publications.

It's left me wondering why Kent County Council should line Saint Bob's already bloated pockets with our taxes to produce KCC TV, when a commercial organisation like KOS Media can provide a community 'television' service for Kent that's effectively free. Answers on a video postcard please.


Anonymous said...

Ask them what their salary is? do they expect content for free? ... keep us posted, its our cash which is funding this toy town tele farce... while wardens in kent sheltered housing are cut back.

Nethercourt said...

Eh? It's been along day and I'm confused..... or is it you?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, so am I. Deep breath...

Our taxes are funding KCC TV. The request to use my finely honed material has come from Kent on Sunday (KOS) Media, which is funded, presumably, from advertising and therefore doesn't (directly) cost us a penny.

KOS Media aren't offering me any sponds, though, merely a chance for fame and glory.

So you pay your taxes and get some slack-jawed teenager with acne going 'yeah wicked', or make quality stuff for free so that KOS Media can make some money running advertising round it.

I think I'll stick with BoobTube thanks very much.