Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Things They Say

A spokesman (for Thanet District Council) said that since taking over the airport last year, Infratil had quickly met 95 per cent of the requirements in the section 106 agreement, and that the firm is working with the council on the remaining areas of concern.

He said: “During this initial period it has been impossible to achieve 100 per cent compliance as (previous owner) Plane Station’s arrangements for the section 106 agreement involved a number of third party contracts that did not transfer to Infratil, and new commercial arrangements have been required.

Having recently resolved this issue, Infratil is now in the position to achieve total compliance within two weeks, when new noise monitoring equipment will be installed.”

Kentnews.co.uk, 16 June 2006.


Anonymous said...

Infratil's published tariff says they charge £200 per take-off and landing for a 747 on training flights so each time it goes round they clock up £400. If it goes round 10 times that's £4000. If it does a Saturday and Sunday that's £8000.

Is £8000 per weekend that much of a boost to the island's economy? I don't think so. Think of all the people who might have bought a property in Ramsgate who have been put off when they've come for a weekend viewing. Each one of those would probably have been £200K plus. It doesn't make economic sense.

Anonymous said...

And thats not taking into account the number of people who have taken the advice of the airport anoraks and moved away from the area entirely.

Eastcliff Richard said...

So in an entire year, these oozalum flights generate about as much income as the sale of one decent sized house? Are our council mad?

derick97 said...

well i for one was looking to get an ground to air missile to end this madness full stop
its a blight on our town