Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clown And Out In Margate

As my showbiz career stutters towards its inevitable conclusion - an autobiography followed by a five minute spot on Richard and Judy - I thought I could at least use some of the spare time on my hands doing charity work for the kiddiwinks.

So yesterday I was in Margate being soaked by water pistol toting teenagers who were here for the annual seaside trip put on by London cab drivers. Typical. Umpteen years of 'South of the river? You must be kidding mate!' then 150 come along at once.

Speaking of Margate, Blue Rinser Roger Latchford was on the lunchtime news, telling everyone how spiffing the place is. Apparently traders are bemoaning the duff weather and the dire lack of visitors. 'We've got a South Eastern train coming at 3.30' was Our Roger's rallying cry. Well, that should do the trick then.

Still, just over a week and Margate gets its first ever Gay Pride. I wonder if Justin will be going to that? Actually, where is Justin?


Anonymous said...

Why didn't the reporter ask hi what that big gap in the front was or that great empty space behind it or where the Turner Centre was or why the whole place pongs of seaweed?

Justin Brown said...

I'm still around, sorta. Been up in Town with friends quite a bit, of late. Just bumming around and stuff.
I have been involved in organising said event in Margate and also in high level debate as to whether to rename Gay Pride (now that the word 'gay' seems to have so much stigma). We've had some good ideas so far, such as 'Brothers' Pride', 'The Passage To Heaven' and (my fave) 'Hotdog' (y'know, sausage in a bun).
I wonder if your loyal flock of readers can help out with a few ideas of their own?