Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Windy City

Remember this headline from a few weeks back? Just before the local elections, our glorious leader Sandy Beach was photographed handing over the keys of our dilapidated West Cliff Hall to the Global Generation Church, who were going to renovate the building and install a juice bar, cream teas, rock school and pie factory.

Not much has happened since then, apart from the story being pretty much nixed by our council's chief executive. So what to do with the place?

Well, I've had a brainwave (I get them constantly but this is a good 'un). With the Millionaires' Playground soon to be the centre of construction for the massive wind farm that's going to blight sea views for the Arsonists and Dickensians, why not convert the hall into a visitor centre? We could even get the old West Cliff lift running again, so people could nip down and have a shufti around the port.

There's plenty of interest in fart farms, what with the climate being turned up to 11, and companies like E.ON getting in on the act with that TV ad. Who knows, Ramsgate could become a huge, ecological tourist attraction, just like that greenhouse in Cornwall. So, anyone for Ramsgate - The Windy City? Of course, with the emphasis on wind, this would have to be one of the prime exhibits:


Nethercourt said...

Careful... such entreprenaurial thoughts will get you into pollytix before you know it!!

Stig of the Dump said...

How about turning the hole where the motor museum is/was into a landfill site?

Snailspace said...

Convert it into a sub station to bring ashore the juice from the fart farm

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Swaleys don't want the fart juice, bring it here!

Millicent said...

I feel sorry for the guys at GGC. They do a lot of good work for the young people in Thanet and need a suitable premises. If they are prepared to pay for the repairs etc to upgrade the building why not let them have it?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Not a bad idea, Nethers! After all, my showbiz career is sinking faster than the Titanic, so why not try politics? It worked for Ronald Reagan and Arnie. And, as you know, I don't need to practice being all mouth and trousers.

And I know the GGC do some good work, Millicent, but do we really need one of our prime seafront sites converted into a community centre?