Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mayor's Chain Pulled

News has filtered through of Monday night's meeting of the Ramsgate Charter Trustees at Albion House.

My spies report that the parlous state of the building (where, you'll recall, Queen Vic herself once hung out her smalls) was one of the main subjects of discussion. Our local council has threatened to flog the place off to developers, but following objections has done what it usually does when there's a spot of controversy - let the place rot until we're all grateful when someone comes along and pays 10p to demolish it and build some luxury apartments.

Other debates surrounded the duties of our Mayor, my old chum (he waved at me from a float at last year's carnival) Steve Ward. Vital matters which came under scrutiny were:

1. Whether he is, in his official capacity, able to climb our super-duper new East Cliff flagpole.
2. On which occasions a flag should be flown from said flagpole.
3. Whether there should be an increase in his petrol allowance.

The last issue apparently arose after the Bouffoned One argued that he has to attend a number of functions in the Smoke (not Margate, the one up the M2) in order to promote the Millionaires' Playground, and if his chauffeur has used up his 20 hour weekly allowance the poor lamb has to drive himself. He did let slip, though, that on such august occasions people appear to show more interest in his chain than his actual person. But that if he drives himself he can only take his badge, as for some reason he's not allowed to pull his own chain. Which must lead to disappointment all round, really.


Overcome with shock said...

He waved at me too! Whatever is the world coming to?

marky warky said...

Hang on, how much is 'The Badge' worth?

Anonymous said...

Blue Peter badges used to be worth a whole lot more as they got you into loads of things.