Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bit Of A Pisser

Reader Wee Willy Watcher (presumably not his/her real name) has emailed the following:

Are there any laws in this country against urinating in public? I have witnessed the same man urinate in public on Augusta Road twice now. He is of Eastern European origin as he always indulges in this little ritual come rain or shine, day or night, before he gets into, or just after he gets out of a 1980s Latvian plated blue Golf Polo with his mate.

Is there nothing that anyone can do to stop this appalling antisocial behaviour?

Well, er, Willy, I think the poor chap deserves our potty, I mean pity, as there's clearly something wrong with his plumbing if he's getting caught short in the street.

Still, the distinct whiff of stale wee-wee around the place isn't doing much for property prices I can tell you, so does anybody have a suggestion as to how to stop the Phantom Urinator of Old Ramsgate Town?


Anonymous said...

Lay in wait for him and take a photo of him and give it to the police?

P. Doff said...

Next time you see his car parked pop one of these under his windscreen wiper.

Uri Nate said...

Is purely in response to British pigs desecration of sacreds Latvian monument:

Caught on camera: Briton urinating by Latvia's holiest monument
Mar 19, 2007, 12:15 GMT

Riga - A British tourist has been charged with hooliganism after urinating near Latvia's most revered monument while his friends photographed his performance, officials confirmed Monday.

The incident comes only days after the British Embassy in Riga launched a public-awareness campaign aimed at boosting 'responsible tourism' - including respect for local sensibilities.

The Briton, identified only as John, was detained early on Friday evening by the Freedom Monument in Riga - the memorial to all those who have sacrificed their lives in the cause of Latvian freedom, police spokeswoman Inese Timane told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

Tests showed that John was severely drunk, with over five times the blood-alcohol level permitted to drive a car.

Local media reported that while John was answering the call of nature, his friends were busy photographing his activities - a fact which is likely to make prosecutors' job considerably easier.

Last November a British tourist was arrested for urinating directly on the Freedom Monument. He was prosecuted for a criminal offence, banned from leaving the country until the case was heard, and fined over 800 lats (1,512 dollars).

Since Latvia joined the EU in 2004, the number of Western tourists visiting the country has soared. However, with the boom has come a growing concern over rising numbers of alcohol-related offences perpetrated by foreigners.

Last Thursday the British Embassy in Riga launched a campaign aimed at boosting responsible behaviour among visitors to Latvia. One of the campaign's key pieces of advice was, 'Do not urinate in public. Use a toilet instead.'

� 2007 dpa - Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Law Man said...

I believe there is an ancient law which says you can wee on the off-side front wheel of your Hackney carriage, if caught short....

So it may be the police would'nt be interested in him...

Ah no; that would be because

Anonymous said...

Yep - too busy scratching their testicles and planning their retirement.

Lucy Mail said...

Typical wimpish behaviour. With all the problems that could be tackled, you lot want a 'mass debate' over someone peeing in the street. God forbid that, if he had one, his dog should do that too!
I can see the Gazunder headline, now!

law man said...

Na just funny is all lucymail...

Lighten up.... Mind you if he was continually weeing on your fence?

peewit said...

An air rifle with telescopic sights ?

ping his penis with a pellet

Lucy Mail said...

I'd probably go, confront the issue and take the matter in hand, deputy.
Lighten up?
Be as bright as you, d'you mean?
Or were you having a pop at my waistline??

Anonymous said...

That's below the belt Lucy!

wee willy watcher said...

How would he like it if I urinated on his car?