Friday, July 20, 2007

Curry Inn Favour

This is something of an admission, but I appear to have enjoyed a number of visits to Margate recently! My latest foray was to the Indian Princess, a new Asian restaurant where the George used to be. You know, next to that barn that burnt down about a year ago.

Now this joint is not your average curry house. Forget piling in after the pub to sit down to a bowl of bright red something or other slopped over a couple of cubes of warmed up chicken, sloshed down with several pints of lager. No, this is definitely authentic Indian cuisine. Fresh local meat and fish, Welsh lamb, subtle flavours, amuse bouches, even a crunchy mango sorbet between courses to 'cleanse the palate'. The cheeky young maitre d' will expertly explain what's on offer, and the smartly dressed chef will more than likely bring your meal straight from his hotplate to your table. Yum!

When I was there, the place was packed with the cream of Margatonian society (the bloke who runs the fish stall on the pier). It's definitely not cheap, but if you tell them Richard sent you, you might get a little Brucie Bonus!


Curryophile said...

I guess you'll probably be in Margate tomorrow too for the Pride - but weather doesn't look too promising. Glad to know there is at last a decent Indian on the island. Let us know when you're going there again and we might join you!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Will do. And yes - I'll be strutting my stuff at Pride tomorrow! Albeit in a slightly gauche, over-compensating heterosexual kind of way!

Anonymous said...

The Indian Princess is a fabulous place to eat.the food is delicious the decor fab and the staff polite and friends and i eat there often as it is so reasonably priced.