Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Bit Of Politics

I have to say that the sight of Alastair Campbell attempting to act as he read out his dreary diaries on BBC2 earlier was enough to put me off my supper. I only met him once, fortunately. Verdict? The politest expression I can think of is 'charmless git'.

But it's reminded me of the political shenanigans much closer to home. I'm talking about the Ramsgate Firsters, who successfully campaigned for a teeny-tiny council last year. They even got themselves a chap, Mike Taylor, elected to Thanet Council in May's local polls.

Since then, though, things appear to have gone pear shaped. Mike Taylor flounced off, all Macca-like, from Ramsgate First a few weeks ago citing differences with Ramsgate First First Minister Gerry O'Donnell. He says he's in talks with a national party, but has yet to reveal which particular ship he's jumping to. Will it be UKIP? Nope, been there, done that, got the T shirt. The Blue Rinsers maybe? Perhaps he likes the look of that toffee-nosed twonk on a push bike? Nope, been there, done that, etc. Surely he's not going to cling to the hoary old bosom of Ming The Charisma-less? Nah. Must be talking to Labour, then.

Interestingly Gerry O'Ramsgate has yet to tell his side of the story. Gerry? Are you out there? Fancy spilling the beans? My comments page is always open!


Rick Card said...

When you met Campbell did you mention the nuclear trigger materials allegedly made by Thor Chemicals of Margate for one Saddam Hussein ?

I wonder why, even after a broadcast documentary about the alleged Mossad committed murders of Thor directors (in South Africa), this Thanet matter never crept into the brief misleading us to war ?

I signed your PM petition.

Here are some more (they are very common now apparently)

First is a report about the case being fought by Richard Bacon MP ... and then some related petitions.

Observer said...

well Taylor did the dirty deed and crossed the floor to join the blue rinsers as predicted HERE

And yes you are right Gerry O'Ramsgate is strangely silent, could this be because he has finally been found out and is now the only member of Ramsgate First.

Anonymous said...

I was having a chat to him at his kiosk the other day and he was bemoaning his lack of candidates. Step forward the East Cliff's most prominent millionaire?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Very kind of you to think I could make it as a teeny-tiny councillor, Mr Anonymous, and it is certainly tempting to go into politics now that the entertainment career seems to be on its last legs. If I don't get this booking on the Oriana that my agent is talking about I might be tempted to give it a shot. Is there any money in it?

Anonymous said...

Did you see that Dave Green has also mentioned him on his blogsite?