Monday, July 09, 2007

Gazunder Gets Bluer

I expect our local Blue Rinsers are cock-a-hoop that the Isle of Thanet Gazunder has been acquired by Northcliffe, the owners of the Daily Mail.

How we must all be looking forward to even more stories about how the island is going to the dogs, and how only the Tories can save us!

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Avid TG reader said...

Not our Pelosi ice cream family? I suppose it is too much to hope that this media takeover might mean an improvement in the quality of said local papers?

Little Weed said...

Coincidentally a Daily Mail arrived in my house at the weekend( a visitor who didn't know the banned publication list). I couldn't help myself but read some of it and the words " what a load of....." kept coming out. So I guess there is no hope for the gazunder

Anonymous said...

Dr. Moores must be creaming his jocks at the news.