Sunday, July 15, 2007

Down And Out In Margate

Today's Sunday Times carries a follow-up to this week's report by the Blue Rinsers that society is broken, and would be a much better place if everyone was married. As a case study they've chosen Margate ('boarded up', 'crumbling', 'run down', 'depressing'), and interview one poor unfortunate who states, rather phlegmatically:

During the day there’s not much to do. I just stand around on the sea-front smoking fags and spitting.

Hmmm. But hang on, didn't I see Tory councillor Roger Latchford on the telly earlier in the week telling everyone that there was lots to do in Margate and it was 'spiffing'? Must have misheard him.

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Anonymous said...

Way back in 1987 the tories were presiding over quarter of a million families being re-possessed in London and South East.

One profiteering firm of Thanet solicitors was taking county court action against some five Margate families per day (a different five families every day ER just in case you were going to make the obvious riposte)

Canterbury University (I think) did a study (sociologists not wishing to miss out on a bit of loot from a despicable situation .. why let the parasitic solicitors and estate agents grab all of it).

This study predicted an increased disintegration of Thanet society, as I recall, because those being forced to relocate to find work and housing ... were the types who worked hard (for low pay) in skilled jobs, who would run youth clubs, martial arts clubs, be volunteers in Red Cross or St John.

When re-possession happened to us ... we took stock. My wife was a St Johns nurse. I did a bit of youth leadership and was a helper at the swiming for the disabled club.

We moved to wales (where I ended up earning over 700 quid a week on the steelworks (Thanet wages cry yer hearts out).

But we also learnt Maggie's lesson. No such thing as society. We are all Thatcherites now.

I remember circa 1990 that a Thanet man contacted me and asked if I was still working in engineering. Yes I was earning 700 a week.

Of all our year in the 70s studying for Higher National Certificate at Canterbury ... he told me I was the last to be working in the profession.

The workers buy out of Tower Colliery should by now have taught the tories about market forces.

Collaboration with the university of glamorgan and the technology to produce eco fuel from recycling household waste and combining it with processed coal ... only some shortsighted non commercial pratt closed all the mines ....

Lessons from tories on breakdown of society ? Tee hee

Eastcliff Richard said...

Couldn't agree with your sentiments more, Mr Anonymous. After all, wasn't it the Mad Bat herself who said there was no such thing as 'society'?

Beachcomber said...

One man's meat is another man's poison - if you see everything as a threat instead of an opportunity or a challenge you'd be unhappy anywhere. Thanet is challenging but I for one love the place and would not live anywhere else!

Lucy Mail said...

The whole thing makes me so angry that I just want to, well, spit!

The Angina Monologues said...

Just living is enough of a challenge for me.